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Monopoly Plus Slot review

Monopoly Plus is a Monopoly-themed slot game created by IGT. It has 5 reels and 30 paylines and is a major improvement on the previous versions with a Mystery Wild Bonus feature, the famous Board Bonus feature and the unique Level Up Plus feature. You can play for as little as 30p to as much as £150 a spin. The Board Bonus feature has been enhanced with Level Up Plus feature unlocking features that will increase your winnings. Are you ready to become a Monopoly Tycoon?

Firstly, let’s look at the Mystery Wild Bonus feature which can be triggered at random if you do not see a Logo symbol on the 1st reel or the Board Bonus symbol on any reel. Mr Monopoly will then appear hopping from reel to reel until he decides which one to turn wild. Mr Monopoly may carry on hopping and turn all 5 reels wild. If he does this, expect a huge payout.

Then you have the Board Bonus feature which you can trigger by getting 3 Board Bonus symbols on the 1st, 3rd and 5th reels. You then need to pock 1 of the 3 Board Bonus symbols to reveal how many rolls you get (2, 3 or 4). You will then get to pick your lucky mover (the choice doesn’t affect your chances).

Mr Monopoly will prompt you to click the ‘Roll’ button as you start on the GO square. If you roll a double, you will earn an extra roll and if you roll a double 3 consecutive times, you will trigger the Jail Bonus. Here are the squares you can land on:

Property Bonus – landing on a property will get you 1 spin on the mini-slot machine. You can win both money and/or extra rolls of the dice depending on the symbol on the middle payline. As you move around the board, the rewards on the mini-slot machine get riches with wild, 2x Wild and 3x Wild symbols. You can win up to 9,000 times your line bet if you’re lucky.

Utility Bonus – landing on a utility will get you 1 roll of the Utility dice. The higher the sum of the dice, the bigger your reward. Roll a double and you will get an extra roll in the Board Bonus.

Chance/Community Chest Bonus – landing on either will award you with a random card where you can move to a property spot, move to a utility spot or move to the GO square.

Railroad Bonus – landing on a railroad will move you to the next railroad spot on the board and you’ll get an extra roll.

Free Parking Bonus – landing on the Free Parking square will earn you an extra roll.

Go to Jail – landing on the Go to Jail square will send you direct to Jail (you won’t pass GO or collect the GO award though). The Jail Bonus starts and you need to roll a double in 3 attempts. You will receive 300 times your line bet if you manage to do so. If you fail to do so, you will resume the Board Bonus from the Jail square.

GO Bonus – landing or passing GO will reward you 200 times your line bet.

Income Tax, Just Visiting, Super Tax – landing on Income Tax, Just Visiting or Super Tax will not award with you with anything.

Now, the Level Up Plus feature comes into play as you earn Monopoly money for triggering the board bonus, landing on a property, utility, GO, Income Tax, Just Visiting or Super Tax. The Monopoly money does get carried over from session to session. You will see the Monopoly money meter in the top left and will display how far away you are from reaching the next level.

Once you reach the thresholds, you ‘level up’. Once you level up, you will be awarded with a new title and unlock new player movers or new Board Bonus features. More importantly, the prizes you can earn get higher as you level up.

Firstly you start as an ‘Entrepreneur’. Then you go on to become a ‘Leader’ with the 1st railroad spot becoming Express Train. Landing here will move you 2 railroad spots. Then there’s Executive where there’s 4 new player movers.

Then there’s ‘Luminary’ where 2 randomly selected properties become Hot Properties when you enter the Board Bonus. Each Hot Property has a gold 2X on it which means cash prizes are doubled. ‘Baron’ will earn you 4 new player movers. Becoming a ‘Tycoon’ will see the Super Tax spot become Super Tax Relief. You will then spin a special golden slot machine with 4x wild symbols. Here you can win up to 16,000 times your line bet as well as 2 extra rolls. There’s also a new Chance card that can send you directly to Super Tax Relief.

There’s ‘Mogul’ where you unlock 4 new movers and finally, ‘Titan’ which is the top level. 2 properties become Super Hot Properties with all their cash awards tripled (you’ll see a gold 3X). You can win up to 18,000 times your line bet in total.

Now, time for a breather! Monopoly Plus has all the thrills from the previous Monopoly slots along with the new Level Up Plus feature. If you’re a regular player, rewards can only get greater once you climb up the levels. This is like a loyalty scheme within a slot which is amazing.

All Monopoly slots powered by IGT will cease to be available from January the 1st 2015 so this slot review (and the other Monopoly slots) will be updated accordingly. Saying that, WMS Gaming will have the rights to offer Monopoly-themed slots with Super Monopoly Money rumoured to be the first they will release – keep your eyes on our News section.

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