IGT Monopoly Here & Now Slot Review and Free Play

Monopoly Here & Now: Demo


All IGT-powered Monopoly slots are not available from the 1st of May 2015 – this is because Scientific Games now has the Hasbro license. Their first title is Monopoly Big Event by Barcrest with more coming in late 2015.

IGT Monopoly Here & Now Slot Review

Monopoly Here and Now is a 5 reel 20 payline video slot that is powered by IGT/WagerWorks. The game is based on the world’s favourite board game, Monopoly which was created back in 1935. The slot game differs from the Monopoly Pass GO Bonus game in that it focuses on the property development aspect of the game.

Mr Stanley is again the wild symbol in the game which is the elderly gentlemen with the formal outfit. If you get 5 of these on 1 payline, you will win the top prize of 5,000 credits. The game features Monopoly Property Deeds which means if you get 3 property deed symbols on an active payline, Mr Monopoly will pull out a property deed from his hat. This will upgrade a property which you will be rewarded for when you play the Board Bonus round later on.

Furthermore, there is a Free Parking Jackpot feature. If you get 3 Free Parking Jackpot symbols on the last 3 reels, the value shown on the symbols will be added to the Jackpot Accumulator (top left of the screen). There are 3 jackpots coloured yellow, orange and red. These jackpots come into play in the Board Bonus game when you land on Free Parking.

The Board Bonus feature is triggered when you get 3 Board Bonus dice symbols on an active payline. You will need to choose one of them to determine how many rolls on the dice you get in the Board Bonus game. The number can vary between 1 and 8 rolls (or free spins).

When you land on properties in the Board Bonus, you will get paid the value of the property include upgrades which you could have got from the Monopoly Property Deeds. If you land on Free Parking, you will win 1 of the 3 Free Parking Jackpots. You will need to spin a wheel to determine which colour car (yellow, orange or red) moves to the meter first. The first car to move forward 3 times will trigger a corresponding jackpot for you. What is great is that you can trigger the Free Parking Jackpot again and again if you land on the square.

Other squares to look out for are the Go To Jail and GO squares. If you land on Go To Jail or receive a Go To Jail Card from Community Chest, you will go to jail as such and will have 3 chances to roll double in order to get out. Your rolls will be reduced whilst in jail so if you run out of rolls, the Board Bonus game will end. If you have rolls remaining after 3 rolls, you will be placed in Just Visiting to carry on.

If you manage to land on GO, you will be awarded with an extra roll of the dice. Finally, you can land on Chance or Community Chest which will reward you will a prize, extra roll of the dice, additional credits, a move for your game piece or the end of Board Bonus game.

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