Ash Gaming Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash Slot Review and Free Play

Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash: Demo

Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash Slot review

Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash is an Ash Gaming slot with 5 reels and 25 paylines which has a Circus theme. This video slot has 9 bonus rounds (yes 9) and a progressive jackpot element. It also offers a 5,000 coin jackpot which means you can win up to 500 times your stake if you get 5 Captain Cannon symbols. The game is playable from 25p to £250 a spin.

There are 9 bonus features which can be triggered in the following way – there are 5 lights at the bottom of the reels (they are labelled B, O, N, U and S). On every spin (not free spins) a random number of these lights will light up. If all 5 light up, you will trigger the bonus selection hammer which is carried out by a strongman.

There are 3 types of bonuses – In-Reel Bonus features, Caravan Side Show Bonus features and Main Event Bonus features. Obviously the amount you win in a bonus feature is random but the higher up you go on the ladder, the bigger the potential prize. Here are the descriptions of the various bonus rounds:

In-Reel Bonus features
Fire Breather You will see fire breather move randomly along the bottom of the reels. He will then stop and blow fames up over a reel turning the reel into Wild symbols. He could turn up to 3 reels all Wild (Flaming Wilds).
Lion Tamer You will see the lion tamer appear from the side of the reels and crack her whip. She will then whip a symbol on the reels and turn it wild. She can turn up to 5 symbols into Wilds.
Rampaging Elephant You will see an elephant rampaging into the reels one by one and knocking out some of the symbols. The remaining symbols will drop the bottom of the reels which new symbols dropping down. These new symbols contain more wilds than normal.
Caravan Side Show Bonus features
Shave the Bearded Lady Upon the caravan curtain being opened, you will see 2 mysterious bearded ladies. One of them is a beauty, one is not. You have to choose one (50/50 chance). The one you choose will be shaved to show if they are the beauty or not. If you guess correctly, you will win between 8-50x your bet.
Strongman Contest Upon the caravan curtain being opened, you will see 3 strongmen flexing and waiting to lift their weights. You need to pick 1 of them – then they will start to lift their weights. As the chosen strongman lifts his weight, a prize will appear above his head and start counting up. The longer he keeps the weight up, the bigger your prize. Picking the right strongman is key as their strength varies.
Knife Thrower Upon the caravan curtain being opened, you will see an assistant surrounded by balloons. These balloons are hiding cash amounts or extra throws. You have 5 throws initially and you need to click on the balloon to select it for the knife thrower. Here you can win between 5-100x your bet.
Main Event Bonus features
Clown Car Freespins A small clown car will drive up into the circus area and then screeches to a halt. This is full of clowns and then they get out of the car one by one each with a balloon. Pink balloons contain free spins & green balloons contain multipliers. The values are then added together. This bonus round has a progressive element – if a gold clown comes out of the car, then you will win the jackpot. You can get up to 25 free spins with a 6x multiplier!
Tightrope Motorbear You will see a daredevil bear about to ride a motorbike across a tightrope. The further along the rope he goes, the bigger your prize. Every time you press go, the bear will rev the bike and move between 1 and 6 places. The rev counter will break and then the bear stops. You will then be awarded the prize that he reaches. If you reach the end with the bear, you will be joined by a clown on his return journey – this will give you higher prizes (between 10-1000x). It also has a progressive jackpot – if a golden clown is dangling from 1 of the cash bags you will trigger the jackpot.
Captain Cannon’s Wild Ride You will see Captain Cannon climb into a cannon and then get fired and collide with objects along the way. Each object collided with will award a prize and either speed or slow him down. He will also get prizes for flying through rings. If he collides into a water barrel though, he will come to a complete stop and end the bonus round. Watch out for the cash bags as these contain the big prizes (20-1000x). Again, it features a progressive element which you can trigger if Captain Cannon flies past a golden clown swinging from a balloon.

Captain Cannon’s Circus of Cash is an entertaining slot game to say the least – in terms of variance, I would say its low which is the main reason why I won’t play it much. I prefer other Ash Gaming slots like Leprechaun’s Luck and Adventures in Wonderland which are medium variance and more appealing theme wise.

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