Guide to Video Poker

Video Poker originated in the 1970s and became a firm favourite in the 1980s in land-based casinos. The game involves an element of skill and this contributed to its popularity with casino enthusiasts.

The aim of the game is to get the best poker hand possible from the 5 cards given to you. You are firstly dealt 5 cards and you have one more chance to either swap some of the cards. That can be 1 card or all 5 cards – completely down to you.

There are different versions of the game but all Video Poker games are based on a poker ranking of the cards (hence the word ‘poker’ in the game title). The hands range from a ‘2 Pair’, which will get you your stake back normally, to a ‘Royal Flush’ which will win you the jackpot(when playing the highest stake).

Video Poker is very simple to play and understand but the element of skill and using your own judgement has made it extremely popular amongst players. Casino Manual details the history of the game as well as Video Poker strategy in the following articles:

1. History of Video Poker
Where did Video Poker come from? When was it created? This article explains.

2. How to Play Video Poker
This article looks at how to play Video Poker including all possible poker hands and what they look like.

3. House Edge
Want to know which version you should as well as the payout for a particular video poker hand? Read on.

4. Video Poker Strategy
This article details the frequency of the video poker hands as well as how many cards you should discard depending on what you get.

5. Best Online Casinos for Video Poker
Casino Manual highlights the best online casino to play Video Poker as well as the versions available and the bonus you can use to play with.

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