Payout Percentage

Now you’ve read about the various slots terms and the different slot types to play, you should educate yourself about thepayout percentage of slot games. This article aims to do that. The payout percentage will directly impact your return (i.e. your winnings).

The payout percentage is defined as the amount returned by the online casino to the player in the form of a win for the particular game. This is essentially the difference between the total amount of bets and the house edge. The casinos themselves (the good ones anyway) will report these numbers and will details the percentages on slots and other games such as blackjack and roulette. For example, if you see a slot game that has a payout percentage of 97%, that means that the game will return 97 pence for ever pound you stake. This 3 pence (3%) difference is known as the house edge. This is commonly known as the ‘theoretical payout percentage’. We must point out though that these are the averages – not all particular game play will be based on this house edge but overall it will apply.

You should only ever player at the online casinos that post their audited numbers on their website. If you take Roxy Palace Casino for example, they are eCOGRA certified which means that you will find published information about the fairness of their games. bet365 Casino doesn’t have this information handy but their customer support is happy to give you this. Be safe in the knowledge all the casinos represented on Casino Manual are fully trustworthy – it wouldn’t be wise for us to recommend any casinos that are not reputable as you wouldn’t enjoy the experience.

Another thing to consider is what is deemed a good payout percentage. The answer can vary but a good number is around the 95+% mark – this is obviously higher than at land based casinos. Some games may have a higher percentage but be less attractive. Games like blackjack for example can have up to a 99% payout percentage – this is why blackjack doesn’t normally contribute to welcome bonuses whereas slot games always do.

In summary, an online casino that monitors their payout percentages across their games on a monthly basis is a good casino. The higher the percentage the better really but this is not always the case. Payout percentages fluctuate from month to month so bear this in mind. There are many software providers out there so be sure to read up on them if you are uncertain.

We hope that Casino Manual has been able to provide you with relevant information on the payout percentage matter in order for you to choose an appropriate casino. The next article highlights some myths surrounding slot machines. Click hereto read it now.