How to Play Roulette

First and foremost, you must know what version of Roulette you are playing. There are two different types of Roulette games – American and European Roulette.

American Roulette basically contains numbers ‘1’ through to ’36’ on the wheel as well as a ‘0’ and a ’00’. The house (online casino) therefore has a house edge of 5.26% (two zeros divided by 38 numbered pockets).

European Roulette differs in that it only has one ‘0’ (so no ’00’). This is referred to as a single zero wheel and the house edge is lower at 2.7% (one zero divided by 37 numbered pockets). This version is much more popular due to the fact that the odds are much more in favour of the player.

Table Layout

As stated, the game of Roulette originated in France and the current layout we all recognize nowadays dates back to 1842. If you look at a Roulette table, the layout has two different betting areas. The ‘inside’ betting area contains the individual numbers on the layout (from ‘0’ to ’36’) whilst the ‘outside’ betting area has boxes for columns, red/black, odd/even and different groups of numbers.

The numbers on the ‘inside’ betting area are in 12 rows of three numbers per row (for example: ‘1’, ‘2’ and ‘3’). This forms three vertical columns of 12 numbers. In American Roulette, the ‘0’ and ’00’ are at the top of these columns but in European Roulette, only the ‘0’ is at the top of the columns.

Outside of this is considered the ‘outside’ betting area where ‘outside’ bets are placed. There are additional outside betting options and they are located either to the left or right of the numbers (depending on the actual table itself) as well as beneath them.

As you can see, there are both ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ bets you can make on the roulette table. The next article highlights the types of bets you can make whilst playing roulette. This gives you images of the bet types themselves along with a description – click here to read more.