House Odds and Payout

Further to knowing you’re playing and betting options, it’s important to keep in mind that the house (online casino) has an advantage in terms of the odds. This is more commonly known as the ‘house edge’. This is based on a percentage and measures, on average, how much of an average bet is won by the house.

For European Roulette, the overall house edge is 2.7% whilst on American Roulette, the overall house edge is 5.26%. This means that on a European wheel, the online casino (house) will make on average make £2.70 for every £100 bet and on an American wheel, the online casino will make an average £5.26 for every £100 wagered or bet. The difference per £100 is £2.56 which is very evident and big over the long run.

Casino Manual recommends you play European Roulette only for this exact reason. Please find the win probability of the two versions of Roulette as well as the payout ratio below:

As you can see from the table above, outside bets are the ones you should be making as a clever and shrewd Roulette player. You need to remember that you should play within your means and more importantly play smartly. Don’t gamble on impulse as these are the ones that will quickly wipe out your bankroll. Make your money go further by using the table above.

Now you understand how to play roulette, what type of bets you have available as well as the house odds and payout,

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