How to Play Casino War

Casino War is probably the easiest casino game you can play at an online casino or in a land-based casino. If you have played the game of War as a child, you will be very familiar with the game. Casino War is now normally played with 6 standard 52 card decks as opposed to 1 deck in the original game.

In order to play the game, you need to get a higher card than the opposing player or house (the casino). 1 card is dealt to you and 1 to the dealer (can be a player or the casino itself). If your card is of higher value than the dealer’s card, you will win the amount that you staked (or bet). If your card has a lower value than the dealer’s card, you lose your bet (or stake) – incredibly simple!

The cards’ values correspond to the values they have in poker games with an ‘Ace’ being the highest and the ‘2’ being the lowest. Please find a table below with all the cards you will see feature in a Casino War game. The cards are ranked from highest to lowest:

Casino War Types of Bets

In Casino War, there are simply 3 types of bets you can make. They are as follows:

  • Ante Bet – this is the bet (or stake) the player makes before the cards are dealt.
  • Raise Bet – this is the bet you can make if you and the dealer have a tie (i.e. both getting a card of the same rank or value).
  • Tie Bet – this is when you bet that both yourself and the dealer will have a tie.
  • The Ante Bet is the most common bet made in Casino War and is place before the game starts. Whoever has the higher card simply wins the bet.

The Raise Bet is only made is both player and deal have the same value card (tie). When you tie and decide to go to War, you will bet your original bet again (same value as Ante Bet stake). This is known as going to War. If you win the War, you get your full stake (double the ante) and the same from the dealer. If you lose, you will lose both stakes (ante bet x 2).

Alternatively, you could decide to fold and you will lose half your ante bet amount but the game is over. This is commonly known as ‘Surrender’.

The Tie Bet is a bet you place only when you and the dealer have tied. This pays 10 to 1 normally as the chances of tieing the bet are very small.

As you can see Casino War is very simple to play. The game is fast paced yet easy to keep up with. In the next article, Casino Manual explains the house edge. Click here to read on.