History of Casino War

Casino War can be traced back to the beginning of time as it’s been played by nearly everybody at one time or another in their lives. The origins of the game are unknown really but Casino War has a similarity to the popular kid’s game, War. In some shape or form, betting has existed since cave man times whereby you get a higher score or number or anything than the opposing person. Cave men could have used animals, stones or markings to bet with.

The original game was played with a single deck of 52 cards though. The deck was divided in 2 (for each player) and the players then flip each card over one by one and compare against the opposing player. The player with the highest card is the winner and captures the other player’s card. If you have the same value card (for example 2 Kings), you go to ‘War’ as such. In the ‘War’, each player deals out 3 cards and reveals the 4th one. Whichever player has the higher value card for their 4thcard wins all the cards on the table (5 opposing player’s cards and their own 5 cards back).

Sometime in the 1970s a Las Vegas casino owner brought the game into the casino. Due to its simplicity, the game grew in popularity and is now found in every casino around the world as well as at nearly all online casinos. Nowadays, you will find children betting stickers, stamps, marbles or even small change of the outcome of a card.

The game is a little more sophisticated nowadays whereby you usually play with 6 regular packs of 52 cards instead of just 1. The ‘Ace’ is the highest value card though and card suits are not important.

As you can see Casino War’s history is not accurate as it’s a very basic form of betting. Read our next article which teaches you how to play Casino War – click here for more information.

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