Do I Have A Gambling Problem?

Gambling can easily become a problem if you are not careful. All the online casinos on Casino Manual have responsible gambling policies and some on here are certified by GamCare. You will also see that all the recommended casinos offer links to organisations where you can get help if you think you may have a problem.

The first thing to consider is whether you or a family member or friend has a problem related to gambling. Gambling online without control can lead all sorts of problems that can spiral out of control very easily. There are a few organisations out there (in the UK) to help you.

GamCare provides help in the form of advice, information and counselling free of charge to prevent or manage gambling problems. They offer national telephone help lines, online supports, forums, face to face counselling and online chat rooms. For more information, visit or give them a call on 0845 6000 133.

Another organisation that helps with gambling problems is Gamblers Anonymous. Their website can be found by clicking here. They use a questionnaire on their website to help a person determine if they have a gambling problem or not.

The key of course is to be completely honest – this is easier said than done. If you answer ‘Yes’ to at least 7 questions, you should seek help. Even if you answer ‘Yes’ to less than 7 questions, but feel you may have a problem, it won’t hurt to give either Gamblers Anonymous or GamCare a call. The questions have been modified slightly by us but please find the Gamblers Anonymous’ questions below:

# – Question

1 – Does gambling stop you from working at any point?

2 – Are you unhappy in your personal life because of gambling?

3 – Is gambling affecting what others perceive of you?

4 – Do you feel regretful after gambling?

5 – Do you gamble in order to pay for certain things like your mortgage?

6 – Has gambling affected your drive or outlook on life?

7 – If you lose, are you thinking about winning back your losses straight away?

8 – If you win, are you tempted to go back to try win some more?

9 – Have you gambled until you run out of money?

10 – Have you borrowed money in order to gamble?

11 – Have you sold anything in order to finance gambling?

12 – Are you hesitant to use gambling money for everyday expenditures?

13 – Is gambling more important than the wellbeing of your family?

14 – Do you gamble for longer than you intend to?

15 – Do you use gambling as a way to escape troubles/issues/pressures?

16 – Have you acted illegally or contemplated illegal actions in order to gamble?

17 – Is your sleep affected because of gambling?

18 – Do you gamble after you’ve had an argument, feel let down or frustrated?

19 – Do you celebrate good news by gambling online?

20 – Have you contemplated suicide or self-harm because of gambling?

Some of the questions may seem a little extreme but you need to be honest with yourself. Gambling can become a problem if not taken care of so answer the questions above honestly. If you have any other questions related to problem gambling or gambling addiction, please contact GamCare or Gamblers Anonymous right away. Gambling online is all about fun – once it becomes more than that it can destroy your life or the lives of others around you.