UKGC concerned players are gambling more than they can afford

The UK Gambling Commission is considering banning the use of credit cards at online casinos and online gambling sites.

Nearly 23 Million Active Gambling Accounts

As part of the UKGC’s March 2018 review, they confirmed that the number of gamblers online has risen from 3.7% in the year to December 2014 to 5.6% in the year to December 2017. With nearly 23 million active gambling accounts at the end of March 2017, they are concerned with players gambling on credit.

Credit cards to be banned for online gambling?

As a result, they are considering banning the use of credit cards as it does, in their opinion, increase the risk that players will gamble/spend more than they can actually afford. This does make sense though as you should only gamble what you can afford – i.e. what you have in your bank account.

Players will still be able to use credit cards to gamble

However, there are ways around this as users could withdraw funds using a credit card at a cash machine and then put that money into their bank account to gamble. Users could also use those funds taken from the cash machine and use them in a high street bookmaker.

If a user wants to use a credit card to gamble online, they will find a way – this consideration by the UKGC makes it harder for players to use it freely online which can only help matters of problem gambling.

Debit Cards the way forward

If you play regularly at online casinos, you will come across many options for depositing and withdrawing your funds – such as PayPal, NETeller, Skrill, credit and debit cards. When you sign up to an online casino, they also welcome you with a first deposit bonus offer of some sort.

All of them now don’t allow deposits using e-wallet solutions such as NETeller or Skrill in order to get the bonus so the options are credit or debit cards. Personally, if the UKGC does ban credit cards, I think it’s a good idea that credit cards are not valid as it can lead to serious loss that you might not be able to pay back.

I would always recommend you use your debit card as you can keep tabs on your spending much more easily – you can check online, on your smartphone or at a cash machine/point with ease. Furthermore, most online casinos don’t charge any fees for depositing or withdrawing using a debit card either. And, as mentioned, you’ll still be eligible for the various bonus offers when you sign up!

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