The Black Friday indictments may have severely impacted the online gambling operators and their players but the Anne Arundel County police will be benefitting with a share of the seized funds.

The Anne Arundel County police will benefit by getting new equipment after being handed more than $470,000 that was seized by the US Department of Justice in their indictments against illegal online gambling operators.

It has been claimed that more than $33 million was seized from gambling companies using banks in Guam and Charlotte, NC. The Police revealed the money will be put in use for equipment to assist with “undercover investigations, plus new vehicles and weapons”.

John Leopold, Anne Arundel County Executive said about illegal online gambling that “wherever we find it, we’re going to root it out”. He then went on to say that “especially in these tough economic times”…….he’s “pleased to see these revenues will come to the police department to help them out and help them do their job”.

The seizures of funds come off the back of the announcement that the Homeland Security Investigations in Baltimore, Maryland created and run an undercover payment processor process – it went under the name of Linwood Payment Solution – click here to read the original story.

As a result of all the indictments, has ceased operating and poker professional, Phil Ivey is suing Full Tilt Poker. One thing is for certain, the US Department of Justice seems intent of stamping out money laundering, bank fraud and illegal gambling offenses.

It’s only a matter of time before they clamp down on more US facing gambling operators and possibly high profile poker players to prove their point. Will they go after US facing online casinos next? Only time will tell.