32Red Competitors Hand Over Conflicting Domain NamesTwo competitors of 32Red have handed over domain names that infringed on the 32Red brand name. The competitors are 32Royal and Spin32. This follows 32Red’s trademark dispute which they successfully won against William Hill back in January this year.

According to the Drum, both 32Royal and Spin32 transferred all their domain names as they contained the number 32 over to 32Red. If you type in both domains, they now redirect straight to 32Red.com.

Going back to the court case against William Hill, 32Red said at the time that “the court held that William Hill’s 32Vegas casino signs were sufficiently similar to 32Red’s marks to cause a likelihood of confusion among consumers”. 32Red also said that the infringement on William Hill’s behalf “caused detriment to the distinctive character and repute of 32Red’s trademarks”.

Ed Ware, who is the CEO of 32Red PLC, said of the recent domain names being handed over to 32Red:

“We are happy to have these two other infringing domains safely under our control. The protection of an online entity’s intellectual property rights are vital to the wellbeing of any internet business, and as an entirely online enterprise, with no physical presence in our markets, this makes our brand, our domain name and our reputation pivotal to the success of the business”.

32Red will be happy with the outcome that they have successfully managed to protect their brand, image and intellectual property rights. To read more about the trademark dispute against William Hill, click here.